Fat Is Not a Feeling

Fat is a macronutrient in our body. We don’t say “I feel so protein today” or “ I feel so carbohydrate today.” Then why do we allow society’s negative label of the phrase “I feel fat today” to be a part of our regular vocabulary?

We all have fat on our bodies. When we feel negative about ourselves and we use “fat” to describe that feeling, then not only are we NOT addressing the underlying problem of what’s REALLY bothering us, but we’re also continuing to push the narrative that fat is a bad thing and something to be ashamed of having.

What are you really trying to say when you (or someone you know) says “I feel fat?” Most likely you’re really feeling the following:

-Not good enough




-Insecure, etc.

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We’re all born with different bodies, and some biologically have more or less fat on them than others. And it doesn’t mean ANYTHING more than that. Diet culture has characterized fat as negative and has assigned so many labels to it, many of which we don’t even realize we associate with fat (i.e. lazy, gross, slob, unintelligent, etc.).

Words are powerful. Next time you catch yourself saying “I feel fat” be curious about what you’re really feeling and challenge yourself to break free of the diet culture stereotypes around fatness.

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