Our Support Groups

Due to Coronavirus social distancing concerns our support groups have been temporarily moved online for your convenience. We're here to support you in this stressful time with Zoom online group therapy.

Healing from an eating disorder doesnt have to stop.

A Gemmed Group


Gemmed support groups are offered either once or twice a week (depending on your needs!) for a minimum of three months. Lots of support and community, but not an hospital-like environment 


Class starts with an activity to develop creativity. We’ll take dance lessons, play with animals, paint, do yoga, practice improv and find new ways of self-care.


During our shared meal we learn how to eat with others again with the support to redevelop normal eating patterns and relationships with food.


We end with group therapy to process the class and the daily challenges of self-esteem, body image, and anorexia, bulimia, binging, or generalized disordered eating.

Support Groups for Your Age

Teen Groups for ages 12-19

Adult Groups for ages 20 and over

How Is Gemmed Different?

Gemmed is here for you with a revolutionary, relevant and real kind of support for eating disorders and body image.






Once-a-week individual therapy often isn’t enough 

Support groups that are just talking, rather than healing together

Treatment centers that cost tens of thousands of dollars that insurance often won’t cover

Focusing only on your disorder and food, rather than your entire person 

Left at home to your own devices after hospital discharge






Mind, body, and spirit focus

More support than just individual therapy

Not as overwhelming as a full inpatient program

Creative activities that focus on you as a whole person, not just your disorder 

A catered, shared meal to help face your food anxieties together with friends and mentors 

Group therapy for processing and healing through therapist and peer support 

A therapist and coach that has gone through and recovered from ED – and knows what it’s like

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