What is Quasi-Recovery?

What Is Quasi-Recovery?

Quasi-recovery is struggling with ED even though someone has the intention of being in recovery. Quasi-recovery looks different in every single person. An example of quasi-recovery can look like someone being recovered and starting to experience disordered behaviors after an extended period of time. Being recovered feels like letting go of rigid rules. Additionally, it can look like allowing oneself the freedom they deserve. Within this stage of quasi-recovery, ED’s voice can still be quite loud in someones mind. However, the person wants to get better. Quasi-recovery can feel like being stuck halfway in recovery. Quasi-recovery can often evolve into someone struggling with ED behaviors and mindsets. However, the person still has a recovery motivated mindset.

What Does Quasi-Recovery Look Like?

When in quasi-recovery one side of someone wants to get better and has the intention of nourishing their body. However, there is another side that is ED. The side that is ED wants to keep the person sick. Quasi-recovery is a really challenging place to be. There is a life outside of ED. However, for someone struggling with ED it can be really hard to recognize that in the midst of it. Being recovered feels like letting go of rigid rules. Recovery is allowing oneself the freedom they deserve.


If you struggle with being in quasi-recovery, you have not failed at recovery. You are just finding your way along the many peaks and valleys of recovery. Sometimes getting stuck in quasi-recovery is common along the journey to fully recovered. However, it is important to reach out to others for support when you are struggling in order to work through the stage of quasi-recovery.

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