Affordable Eating Disorder Treatment Online With Gemmed

Eating Disorder Help Online 

Online Eating Disorder Support Groups now open to ALL California residents

Group therapy is a huge predictor of success in recovery, but is hard to find in the eating disorder and body image community.

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An Affordable Sliding Scale

Each Gemmed online group costs between $32-$67 based on your income

For comparison, the average cost for just 50 min of therapy out of pocket is $150. Each Gemmed group is 1.5 hours of support.

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Insurance options?
Out-of-Network "superbill" available

Gemmed gives you get so much more:

Group therapy led by a licensed therapist with extensive experience with eating disorders

A support group led by two ED professionals who are recovered and understand the ups and downs of your journey

Guest led creative activities like yoga, astrology, writing, and poetry to discover your soul self and new coping skills

A friendly, open, but confidential place where you can just be yourself in your recovery journey

Are you or your child experiencing...

  • Constant worrying about your weight or how you look in the mirror?
  • Food controlling your life? Tired of it?
  • Stepping down from an inpatient eating disorder clinic?
  • Insurance that won’t cover your treatment?
  • Think you can’t afford treatment?
  • Worry that you might need an expensive, higher level of care?
  • Not making enough progress in individual therapy and need a supplemental source of support?
  • Dropping a significant amount of weight and avoiding meals and other food-related activities?
  • Feel like you don’t have time in your schedule for therapy?

What Level of Care is Gemmed?

Least Intensive

Most Intensive

In order to ensure real progress and recovery, Gemmed is a 3-month minimum program.

Based on your needs, you can choose the one class per week track, or the two class per week track.

 After 3 months, you are welcome to continue classes on a month-by-month basis — and we hope you do! 

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